Brookfield Biker Gang

Yesterday the kids and I took our bikes to the park. They thought it was the best thing ever. Mostly because I just learned how to ride a proper bike (one without a banana seat and tassels) a few years ago. So they think it's awesome that I figured this out and actually want to bike it with them.

But at the same time the kids are (rightfully) untrustworthy of my new skill. So they keep looking backwards to make sure I'm upright. Which makes their own bikes veer dangerously and causes me to yell "LOOK AHEAD! DON'T LOOK AT ME! DONTLOOKATME!!"

And since I'm already doing the slowest of pedal revolutions so that I can pace myself with their wee legs I am a little wobbly. And every so often the kids will randomly slam on their bike brakes and cause me to veer into the grass so I don't run them down.

It's quite a sight, but fun as all get out. I'm sure the neighbors hear us crashing and yelling all the way to the park. We're totally going to do it again tonight.


Kim said...

I, too, have reintroduced myself to a bicycle. And you know what? I kinda like it!

Amy Kate said...

I have a totally Lotta vintage bike - old school Schwinn Cruiser that was my friend's gram's (she passed away a few years ago). My friend, a rather sporty sort, was appalled that I'd want it, but holy crap, my butt will never hurt with that nice big seat and whitewall tires!!

It's our new summer thing, too, but in McC we're flanked by busy streets (Joliet Rd., 47th, First Ave.) and it is tough to go anywhere beyond the 4 blocks of town. BUT...we're loving it! Totally got the trailer thing for little one, and big one leads on her training wheels. Like yours, periodically slamming on her brakes while I am riding so slooooow to keep pace with her. Our big field trip next week is to get shakes from Culvers on Ogden.

I feel your joy and pain, my friend! It's been about...7 or 8 years since I rode a bike, I think? And I never had my own. It is awesome.

plumtickled said...

Hilarious..... this used to be the almost daily walk/ride for me and my boys too. Cole had a scooter and bitched the whole way and Kavin would bust a move on his bike.

I was newly single and just wanted to walk around the hot guy at work's house to maybe catch a glimpse.

He turned out to be gay.

disa said...