Subersive Chore Charts

Want to know how to get your children to do more work around the house? Fetch you a cold Schlitz? Well come on over and read my new column at Try Handmade.


erin said...

Schlitz Malt Liquor! What is that from? It's on a train and I think it's the old sprite guy saying it. But why is he saying it and why is he in a movie?

C Lo said...

check my blog (but you don't have to do it back, I know these things are a bit silly)

Christina said...

Lotta, God love you, your craftacular column is as awesome as your blog! (I shared you on Facebook, btw.)

Lotta said...

Erin - Please - just to to WI and you can have a nice cold Shlitz. Follow it up with a Hamms. Yummy!

C Lo - That was so nice, thank you!!

Christina - Thanks lady!