Treasure Hunting

We took a walk tonight with our neighbors and their kids. Watching everyone run around in twilight reminded me of playing outside when I was young. Mom would send us out the door and we came back when the sun went down. You tried to stick with a group of older kids. Not because they were watching you, or even wanted you. But because if you didn't keep up with them your ass was going to be lost and snotty crying at sunset.

I recall one time I was with a group that was older than usually let me tag along. They thought it was really cool to hop into the big blue dumpster and look for treasures. And a treasure I did find. It was a porcelain baby Jesus with pink nail polish all up and down the front. Who would throw such a thing out?

I ran it home to mom and told her where and how I got it. She helped me take the nail polish off so I could clean it up and give it to my Dad. I must have figured that since he was a minister he would love something Jesus related. Plus if I got on his good side he might let me eat the communion wafers. Those were crunchy delicious.

Looking back I don't recall my mom freaking out about the dumpster diving at all. I know I never went again so I imagine she talked to someone. But mostly she helped me polish up my find. I think the next time someone asks me how I got started looking for vintage buttons and such I'll tell them it all started when I went dumpster diving for Jesus.


erin said...

If I found out one of my kids went dumpster diving I would polish their ass.

SP said...

I love it!

michele said...

I grew up near a strip center that had a store called Gizmo. Gizmo was an import store sort of like Pier One - before it got classy. When I was a kid I used to dumpster dive all the time! I was constantly amazed by the fantastic things they threw out because of minor defects. I took my treasures home and decorated my cardboard forts with them. Tres chic!

Angel said...

When I was little my mom put me in the dumpster to pull out some lace that a craft store had thrown away. It was cool looking lace, and a lot of it.

I never thought of dumpster diving as a bad thing, still don't. I've found some great stuff that way. :-)

Joie said...

What kind of minister? Just curious because I am one, too.