The shop is much more slow these days. And yet I feel like I'm spending much more time promoting it than ever before. To the point where I feel folks must be sarcastically saying, "Really? You sell jewelry? You don't f'king say?"

So what's up?

If you go to forums they'll say it's because Etsy has changed the way they do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From what I understand Etsy is placing it's name in front of your keywords. So instead of "Mom O Matic Vintage Button Ring". It says something like "Etsy:Handmade Stuff Then Mom O Matic's Keywords". Apparently, it buries you in Google.

There are other theories. That Etsy started "batch uploading" and it destroyed a shops chance of being at the top of any search. Or that since they implemented their new "smart search" technology the good stuff is getting buried.

So is it's Etsy's fault for messing with their business infrastructure? Or maybe folks are just needing to put all available cash for groceries & such when they previously had extra income for sparkles? Or maybe it's just that the jewelry is not so interesting anymore - closer to what all the other Etsy folks are offering?

I'm stumped. Stumped and wondering if maybe it's time to close the shop up with the blog. I know I spent last night fighting with my husband about the amount of time I'm online. But that's a whole 'nother story.


Susan said...

Don't give it up - you're just going through a slump - traffic and sales will pick up.....Take it from a fellow blogger and seller of wares....

heather said...

you better not go.

IamSusie said...

I think people just aren't buying as much these days. Even at an inexpensive price, people are staying away from perceived "extras".

Don't give up though! Business will pick up eventually!

Anonymous said...

Gee, maybe people don't really need to eat. They should buy your "stuff".


Anonymous said...

Really? What the hell are you talking about, Willis? I just checked your feedback for Etsy and you have sold a bunch lately. Quit your stupid whining. At least your shop isn't totally dead!!

Lotta said...

Anon - For what it's worth here's my reply to you.

1.) Of course nobody should not buy groceries for their family. Seriously man. But it's an observation that families that once had more disposable income are suddenly struggling to meet budgets. It changes things for people in the retail industry.

2.) Nobody should ever stop wondering how to get more business. Trying to understand business fluctuations. Or try to determine if you are getting a big enough return for time and money invested. That's not whining - that's just good business thinking.

3.) If you are someone that's having a hard time getting Etsy buys going I would be happy to share what got me the sales that I did so far. But I fear a lot of the techniques that I used (relisting, listing at a certain time of day) aren't effective anymore. But I'll do my best to share knowledge. Email me at and I'll tell you what I can to be helpful.

4.) Doing lots of trading my friend. That does effect "sales".

C Lo said...

My SIL is having the same issue. I think it's just a sing of the times, man. From what I hear, I have friends in other parts of the country that don't really realize just how BAD it is in parts of the country like mine. Everyone here is scared, stressed, most people I know have lost jobs or are having their pay cut in some way.

So yea.....I don't think it's any reflection on you. And I hope you can keep the shop open, I love drooling over it all. You have a great eye for this stuff.

G said...

I love your "stuff" and your blog. You are very appreciated by me. My kids keep asking for food but I tell them that Mommy needs her bling! Seriously though, my hubs is in sales and there is an ebb and flow. When I had my own shop summer was always slow.
If you love it, don't leave-

Cjengo said...

Don't worry about comment from others you don't know ;)

Casey said...

I hope you don't end up closing up the shop! I bought a ring from you and I LOVE it so much, you also sent me an extra ring too, I wear both of them all the time! I have more that I really want to be able to buy sometime when I have the extra dough, actually there's a lot I want to get, you make really great things.

Don't pay attention to the Anon comments, people just look for reasons to be asses

Lotta said...

You guys are all really nice - thank you. In part this is because I had a big fight with husband last night about the amount of time I'm online.

I try to save up the Etsy stuff to do till he gets home. But then he feels ignored cause I work till bedtime.

So there's more going into it all then just sales concerns. It's more like I'm having a hard time justifying the time away from him when my sales aren't enough for him to consider it "worthwhile".

Ok - that's a super abbreviated version of the discussion we have.

IamSusie said...

Business can be kinda slow in the summer too! It could be the season.

It is "worthwhile" if you still enjoy it. Stay-at-home Moms need some time to get away into something that isn't all about caregiving.

Anonymous said...

Why are you going to close your blog?
It's a fun read! I would miss it.

Joie said...

I don't wear much jewelry. Just my wedding set and a pair of diamond studs most days. I think your stuff is unique and would buy it if I wore jewelry. Keep going, you can always take a break and come back if you need to give husband a little extra time right now.

Now, about this blog. Don't you dare close down!!!!

SoMo said...

I think you are doing a good job and agree with others. Heck even my husband's businesses take a bit of a nose dive during the summer. I think people are using any extra money for summer fun.

I really like your stuff and can't wait to wear the pieces I have from you. I am just trying really hard not to go overboard at the moment, especially since wearing any kind of jewelry irritates me while I am pregnant. Only about a month left.

Good Luck, I would hate to see you go. Maybe just hold back a bit during the summer months.

Lotta said...

Summer! Did not take that into account at all. Most folk are away from the computers aren't they?

Michele said...

I did a little test. I listed something on Etsy and checked back every two minutes to see how long it took for it to show up on a search. It took less than six minutes. I think it's because I crop my own pictures. Do you do that?

Anonymous said...

Wait until fall and around the holidays. Business will pick up again.
Have you ever tried a Christmas in July sale? That may help!


Lotta said...

Ok - since I wrote this business got busy this week. Sort of like having a good hair day when you go to get a haircut or something like that!

I think you guys are dead on about the season. In Fall hopefully, I'll start getting a steady shop again. Consistent sales.

Thank you all so much for listening to me and giving such nice advice!

Michelle - I'm ok with new listings too. People in the forums said that they are having trouble with renews showing up a few pages in. ?

Chocolate and Steel said...

have you considered doing some local shows? That should help supplement the sales while Etsy is slow. My Etsy business has totally slowed down. I think (hope) it's just the economy. I feel like it's already starting to turn around. You are a great business woman. Just keep on truckin'

geelizzie said...

My shop has been agonizingly slow since January. I think it's a combination of the millions of new etsy sellers all competing for the same customers and the economy. I know I'm not buying anything but necessities because I have no money because nobody is buying my crap because they are only buying necessities, too. While people are still buying by the truckload on etsy, I've noticed that a huge chunk of it is supplies so that these buyers can try and sell it on etsy. It is getting very discouraging these days, but I have to keep trying, there are no jobs for me here. Not even walmart wants me.

Lotta said...

Local shows are a good idea. I have to bulk up my inventory though. All that I have made is listed.

I just ordered some "fallish" supplies. So I'm hoping that will inspire me!

Lizzie - Your stuff is so cute too! Sometimes I look at Pounce and go "Really? Really? That's what you bought?"