Modern Lutheran Jello

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Modern Lutheran Jello.

It involves taunting Catholics and using Vodka. Really, it could be my best column yet.


SP said...

It's like buying jello-shots in bulk, similar to the 487oz can of tomato soup. I'm not a jello person though*. Got any suggestions for pudding?

*Yes, I'm Lutheran and I'm totally in the closet about not liking jello. Shhhh.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like jell-o shots. Yum.

Jen said...

Yes, I do think it's your best column yet!

marymurtz said...

We were raised Catholic. My sister married a Lutheran, so I spent many of my childhood Sundays at her church, in the basement, watching people mainline coffee and judge one another by their desserts. To this day, if someone makes that fluff dessert that involved pistachio pudding mix, cool whip, cottage cheese and pineapple, (or any forms thereof), our family refers to it as "Lutheran Salad."