Freecycle Post: Cats (I Am NOT Kidding)

I copied and pasted this Freecycle email directly from my email inbox for you. It's so funny and adorable. Almost makes me like cats enough to get the poster. Almost.

Also wonder what kind of "hard times" the poster has been through?

Offer: Cat Poster

this is a large poster, laminated, been through some hard times, but it has pictures of many different types of cats (I am NOT kidding) with their names. It would be appreciated by someone who was VERY into cats. it really isn't "cute" for little girls, though one might like it.It is more "biology" or "zoology" type. I'm not talking lions and tigers,it is more those fancy cat breeds.


Omg Lia said...

oh, like the ones they have at vetrinarian's offices?

Anonymous said...

Cats are cool! I now have 2 - thanks to my kid!

Love ya!
Mars Lady

Deb said...

Is it a "poster" or more of a "wallhanging" I wonder?