Oh Canada You Rock Thee

I have made no secret of my deep and abiding love of Canadians. The wry humor. The resonant "soooree" (sorry) warms my cockles. But recently, during the 2010 Winter Olympics, my heart went out to Canada in a way it never has before.

At first it was just the flutters of a crush as I watched the Swiffering events (also known as "Curling"). Two women cleaning that ice as fast as they could so a retro hot water bottle could swoosh along. Magnificent.

But it was the closing ceremonies that made me cry out in admiration. For only Canada, would have a giant, flaming pile of joints to celebrate the end of an athletic phenomena.God Bless you and your Freudian smoking heart Canada.


Karen Sugarpants said...

Bwahahaha...I LOVE you. LOVE.

sam {temptingmama} said...

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Or like a Canadian loves beaver.


Lotta said...

Karen - (bong water gurgles) Mmm? What?

Sam - Say it again slowly and draw out your "o's". It's not weird.

Grumble Girl said...

We Canadians like our blunts FAT, aflame, and with maple sugar. Puff, puff, pass... (And we're too polite not to share, yo.)

lemon lime juicers said...

yes, Canada and hockey.