Working The 1rst Grade Picnic Face Painting Booth

Girl: Could you paint Michael Myers from Halloween on my left cheek?

Me: Um, no - but I could do a rainbow with clouds. Or hearts?

Girl: What about Freddie Kruger, could you make me look like him?

Me: Nope. What about some balloons?

Girl: No, but could you paint a bleeding skull with a knife in the head?

Me: A unicorn?

Girl: (stare)

Me: (whispering) with a little blood on the horn.

Girl: Awesome.


The introvert said...

Was this child visiting from 1984?

Lotta said...

Ha! She actually kept adding "my mom would love that!" after each request. I'm guessing mom's a horror fan?

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Man, 1st graders have changed since I went to school. Absolutely love the visual of the unicorn w/blood on his horn!

Keely said...

That is my kinda kid.

Lotta said...

There was also this super cute little boy with a red face. I thought he was just hot because he had long sleeves on. When I finished painting his face I learned he had poison oak and ivy all over his face and body,hence the tee-shirt. Yikes. Poor guy. Hello obsessive hand washing.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I wish you'd stop judging Hailey. She's just trying to make me happy.

SoMo said...

Where do your kids go to school? I would be afraid to go to the bathroom or stand in front of a closet.

Schmutzie said...

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