Kane County Flea Market Finds

If there is one thing I love more than a trucker hat attended State Fair it's a Flea Market on those same fairgrounds. I adore the smell of roasted corn, dusty antiques, fresh air and the hay leftover in the animal stalls. I usually try to ration myself by putting a few twenties in my pocket but inevitably end up paying a "bend over and grab your ankles" level fee at the flea market's ATM to get out more.

Here's a few of the goodies I bought this past weekend...

I had to buy this puzzle picture for several reasons. Foremost we are decorating the walls of son's room with retro spaceship and robot pictures so this fit right in. Secondly, it's so fantastically random! It's a pirate ship, being attacked by 1950's airline pilots sitting in plastic Eames style school chairs powered by an outboard motor of some kind, on an island. Brings a tear to my eye when I see art as beautiful as this. Cost: $5.

I've been wanting a pair of vintage clamshell chairs for the back deck for quite awhile now. But the antique shops around my home price these babies at $60 and up a piece. These two might not look like much but they are super solid and rust free. I'll be heading to Home Depot today to pick up some rustproofing spray paint and sprucing these lovelies up. Cost: $35 for the PAIR!

These water filled booby balls were priced 3 for $5. Why 3? Don't you usually buy boobs in pairs? Perhaps so you have a spare when one breaks from (ahem) overuse? Cost: Free, we passed on these but they gave us a good laugh.

Can't wait to head to the Elkhorn, WI Flea Market at the end of the month!


Heide said...

Ha! I love that the boobs were priced in 3s -- hilarious!

Robyn said...

LOVE your score. oh i wanna thrift with you! elkhorn is right by where i grew up in lake geneva and delavan -- is it at the fairgrounds?

Lotta said...

Heidi - It cracked us up as we fondled them.

Robyn - You and me both sister! I do envy your CA flea markets though - I imagine them chock full of perfectly preserved 40s kitsch.

Angela (Posy Moe) said...

Boob balls, sold in 3's. That's too awesome for words.