New Try Handmade Column: Garden Gifts For Boozehounds

I'm so excited to be back writing for! A wonderful site that connects artists and consumers. I used to do craft tutorials but frankly I ran out of ways to humorously glue Popsicle sticks together. So when the site owner Erica asked me if I would be up for doing Gift Guides it was an easy conversation to have...

Erica: Would you like to do a Gift Guide Column?

Me: Totally! Could it be weird? Could I write about gifts to buy for people who collect waterproof shower art? Or the best presents to give people who enjoy taxidermied animals in strange poses? Housewarming gifts for people who hate their neighbors?

Erica: Or you could just do Gift Guides?

Me: (Silence)

Erica: Fine, but they have to be mostly handmade.

Me: Yes!