Picture Post: Carney Life

It's no secret I love a good carnival, festival or 4H tent. I'm not sure why I breathe deeper when the scent of funnel cake is in the air, but I do. Here are a few photos from our latest festing experience:

They had crafts.
Notice to the right of the sign is a suit of camo (w/machine gun) to dress up your front door goose with.

And please show you are proud to be an American...uh, by carrying around machine guns that look like the American flag?

How do you know you are at a classy fair?
The porta potties have an attendant.

I don't know, he doesn't look that strange to me.

But apparently he had some sort of sewn up fetus/animal in a jar of formaldehyde to freak the kids out with. Only for a $!!

It is imperative that you have a sense of humor when carrying your smallish child who will say, "Daddy you need to grow some hair back here" while on your shoulders.

Have I come to the right place to eat?
If it says chicken on stick, yes you have my dear.

Especially since those foot long corn dogs can also be wielded as a weapon.
Okay stop playing with your food and drink that $20 lemonade smash up.

Trying to win a prize son?

How about the scary clown doll that's been in the case since 1974?
Want to take that home?

How do you know it's good kettle corn?
When the owner's belly is bigger than the pot they cook it in.

The best part of the day was when the operator of the Whip It or This'll Make You Puke, whatever it's called, flirted with me. He had no teeth so it took me a bit before I figured out that he also had a Southern accent. But what really made me swoon was the giant prison tattoo of Jesus Christ on the front of his neck. His pickup approach? Telling me how he scares all the little kids by telling them he thinks the bolt on their car might be coming loose and he better "be get'n to fix'n that soon" and then starting the ride. Oh yeah, he's my new boyfriend.

Lisle Fest, 4th of July 2010


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh, you could pick up that carnival, set it down in my community, and it would totally fit! Thanks for the laughs!

SoMo said...

I guess that is the difference between festivals up there and down here. You have chicken on a stick, we have gator on a stick.

Lotta said...

Jenny - My pleasure. Happy to attend carnivals!

Somom - Stop making me jealous.

Cali said...

oh wow! i bet his tat was HOTT!! lucky girl!!

Leighann of Multi-Minding Mom said...

That scary clown doll looks like a mummified Michael Jackson.