More Inventions That Are Actually For Porn

"Uh, yeah honey I'm just gonna sit right down next to you, watch the game on my TV hat and cuddle while you watch Army Wives. Look, I even made you your own bowl of popcorn so you don't have to use mine."


Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Never has the term 'you'll go blind' been more appropriate.

Deb said...

I bet if you are watching Mad Men in that thing you could feel Joan's ample bosoms brush past your cheek as she leans over Roger's desk when she's wearing that purple dress, you know the one? What I'm saying is: want.

Lotta said...

verybored - I love the scene where he's settling in to bed with his wife. Doesn't look suspicious at all.

Deb - As straight as I am I would wear that hat if I got to feel Joan's bosoms.