Top 10 Laughs

I'm not sure if the nonstop, Florida like humidity has caused a brain rot to set in. Or if the flood gas from our recent over the top storms have made me all swampy. But I'm having a hard time thinking up a good blog post. So I thought I would just do a top 10 list to keep things moving along, I hope it amuses you!

Top 10 Things That Made Me Laugh Out Loud This Week.

1. Someone sent me a meme called "That's My Answer!" I have no idea what I'm actually supposed to do with that. But it made me laugh thinking about applying that meme to my actual real life. To finish every reply I made with an enthusiastic "That's My Answer!" As if I was on a game show and stoked about what I just put out there.
Grocery Clerk: Would you like to save 10%?
2. This tweet from toddlevin cause..totally. (found via Dooce).

3. I accidentally put a roll of biscuit dough in the cupboards instead of the fridge. Shit exploded everywhere. Since husband is freaked out by the POP sound those rolls make I always try to open them behind his unsuspecting back to watch him jump. I instantly imagined him hitting the deck if he had been nearby when it happened and laughed till I cried.

4. Imagining the Bloggess terrorizing her mold removal guys.

5. Talking with my sister about the night husband got drunk with his friends, curled up on our bed with a paper bag full of Wendy's and passed out. Her reply? "He's married to you. I'm surprised he hasn't gone fetal clutching a single with cheese long before now."

6. Daughter sitting on the toilet naked but for a pair of pink goggles so she wouldn't get splashback as she peeked into the toilet to watch herself pee.

7. Son swaggering around and buying rounds of icee pops for all the kids at the snack bar like a happy drunk on payday, because he got his hands on the $10 I was hiding in our swim bag. "You there, kid in the Sponge Bob flip flops. You want an icee? You got an icee my man!"

8. My first time pregnant friend saying, "But kid's are pretty easy for the most part right?"

9. Watching Billy The Exterminator on A&E. And one of the homeowners said with a straight face, "Hi, I'm Joe and I have a bee infestation." as if he was attending an AA meeting. (I didn't say these made sense, they are just what made me laugh hysterically)

10. Finding The Crap At My Parent's House blog.

I hope you laughed out loud this week, laughed till you were wheezy, getting sideways glances from the people around you and tinking in your underpants. It's the best state of mind to be in, and makes this insane life worth sticking around for.


areyoukiddingme said...

The Wendy's bag comment was my favorite!

EmbracingKatrina said...

I've never seen the parents one but this one --> Funny, sad, my life...LOL.

Karen said...

Billy was my exterminator for seven years. Funny guy (although more normal in person), but he was my hero for keeping my house generally pest free during my husband's long deployments.

Colleen said...

Oh man... thank you. I needed to laugh.