Huffing Chlorine & Suntan Lotion

This summer hours were spent sitting poolside with my feet dangling in the water, listening to my kids laugh and play. We eschewed over planning and let play dates just kind of happen, and had some great ones. Husband and I started enjoying a spontaneous cocktail hour after the kids went to bed and it's been lovely to end the day having a drink with him and laughing together.'s almost over and the velocity of our life is picking up speed. The kids are getting ready to go back to school. I'm getting ready to go back to school. The jewelry I sell at a local boutique is badly in need of a big restocking. And while it's truly thrilling to watch my kids progress academically, to think about starting a new career, hunt for vintage baubles to make into jewelry - part of me isn't ready to let go of summer yet.

It was good to stop and...breathe. To drench my racing brain with copious amounts of chlorine and vodka tonics. Make my twitchy nerves unclench by dunking them into a pool repeatedly. And think of nothing at'tall while I continued my nightly prowl around the neighborhood plugged into some good music.

I started baking again (which sadly seems to be cancelling out the nightly walks.) Reading books by the stackload and being brave about friend making. We are relaxed, tan and the kids are about 10 feet taller than they were when the school year ended. We've fested to our heart's content and floated lazily on rafts in Lake Michigan. We have loved summer enough to pretend that the air hasn't been sweltering and filled with razor sharp mosquito teeth.

So I suspect that if you and I were to share the same playground this year you would see a strange sight on the first day of school. You would watch me wave goodbye to my kids, wipe away a tear of relief (thank God somebody else is in charge for a few hours a day) and then you might see my shoulders start to clench. Tightening as I thought about keeping track of two kid's backpack's full of paperwork. But then I would rustle around in my purse, pull out a brown plastic bottle and discreetly huff my half empty Hawaiian Tropic lotion. Ah, much better.


Cali ʚϊɞ said...

oooh... i like that idea! i'm gonna give it a try and see if the smell of summer keeps my anxiety at bay :)