Autumn and I Make Out

Why is it that fall weather is so energizing? Put a cool breeze in the air and suddenly I want to leap up and organize my spice drawer. A crisp day and you couldn't stop me from refolding the towels perfectly so if you wanted to. And once those leaves start crunching underfoot I'll be damned if I don't pick up that quilt I started last year at about this same time. Fall makes me want to light cinnamon scented candles, bake pies, finish projects and generally be an unrecognizably productive person. Fall is where it's at. The other seasons are alright I suppose, but once you compare you'll find they come up woefully short.

Summer is laze. Watching the ice melt in your drink on a hot night. Baking pool side where the only form of  actual cooking you do is taking dollar bills out of your swim bag for the snack bar. Slicing limes for your gin and tonic then lazily leaving the dirty cutting board out on the counter just in case you want some more...tomorrow. Summer is delicious, but it's no bag of candy corn you can eat layer by colored layer.

Winters are determination. Hunkering down under a giant blanket and resting up till the next epic adventure from your front step to your mailbox. Kids making snow angels and dads without snow blowers cursing and muttering while they shovel. It's 8 extra pounds straight to your hinder courtesy of gallons of hot chocolate. Winter is cozy and (antibiotic) copays but it's no marshmallow toasted black, peeled, and then toasted black again over a firepit.

Spring is alternately fresh and dank. It's the gardening center taking 50% of your paycheck. It's dog shit long buried under the snow emerging right next to a beautiful crocus. It's opening your windows for the first time in months and realizing just how badly 4 people in a 900 square foot house can stink up the place. Spring is airing out and sprucing up, but it's no tromp through the overpriced pumpkin patch.

But fall...fall is a clean page in a new notebook and you've got a freshly sharpened #2 pencil poised and ready. Fall is a big fat pumpkin and you've got a razor sharp knife and brand new Sharpie in your apron pocket. Fall is billows of fabric softener scented clouds puffing out of your outside vent and you on your stomach with your face right up next to it and the neighbors not even noticing because they are too busy huffing the cup of pumpkin scented coffee with caramel on top that they just carried reverently home from the coffee shop. Fall is here folks, and it is awesome.


Michele K said...

What a way with words! I love it (and most everything you write)! Yes, forget Spring, for me, Fall is rebirth. I never feel more alive than during this time. And now having 2 of 3 kids old enough for back to school time makes it even sweeter.

Theresa said...

I love fall, but I'm the opposite, I want to curl up with a book, good movie or bake cookies. I love the feeling in the air!

areyoukiddingme said...

That sounds so nice. I didn't realize I loved fall so much!

JC Little said...

I've always thought autumn was pretty special. Mostly cuz you can fling yourself into piles of golden leaves. And wear boots again. I love boots.

Momomatic said...

Michele - That's a huge compliment, thank you! The kid school thing does sweeten the deal!

Theresa - That's what the rainy fall days are for.

Areyou - Fall is the best man.

JC - Well hello! Nice to see you here. I might love boots now that I have ankles again, I'll have to give them another go. ;)

Amy Kate said...

I have no idea if it is just ingrained from all those school years where you get a fresh start in the fall or what, but I couldn't agree more!
I want to finish projects. I want to start projects. I want to have kids over to carve pumpkins (and I hate kids hanging at my house). I want to start running...well, jogging...well, walking at least.
I'm with you! Sunshine filtering through trees that are losing leaves, warming you up in the brisk air...ahhhh.

Momomatic said...

Amy Kate - Ooh sunshine through breezy, blowing autumn leaves is heaven. Especially laying on your back looking up at them.

Deb said...

God, T, that's lovely. Especially the poo next to the crocus.