Even Steven OCD'ing

I bought some new eye drops yesterday, they are after all a standard item in the overserved overtired mom's toolkit. And I decided to try some Rohto cooling eye drops for the first time, they were on sale and the cute packaging grabbed me. Little did I know that "cooling" was going to be an extreme understatement.

So later that same day I'm hanging with husband on the couch and I remember I have these drops in my purse. So I grab them, put a generous squirt in my right eye and CHRIST ON A CRACKER IT BURNS! It burns! I'm yelling "Ooow, oh my God, Oh my God, who would do this to themselves on PURPOSE!" and clutching my burning eye while thrashing on the sofa. Husband is freaked out and telling me to stick my eyeball under the faucet. "Do it, stick it under the faucet, do it!"

Then the feeling just..poof...went away. My eye was fine. Refreshed and quite nice feeling actually.

So I put a squeeze in my other eye. 

Yes, I'm that smart. More thrashing, yelling and then fine again. When it's over husband looks at me levelly and asks in his ever calm voice asks, "You squirted that in your other eye so you would be even didn't you?" I nod. He sighs. I hand over the eye drops.

Which wasn't really fair because I was going to offer to do him next.


Mom O Matic said...

Areyoukiddingme - Crap I deleted your comment. Was trying to delete my dumbass response and redo it.

But yes, he could totally certify me if he wanted to. I think he prefers to keep me around for the amusement factor. That and a few other tricks I can't disclose on a "family" blog. ;)

robyn said...

I totally get it. Need to be even. You'd walk around lopsided all damn night. Are those the ones in the neat square package? Dave got those once and I refused to be any part of that.

Mom O Matic said...

Robyn - Yes they are! Your eyes actually feel really clean and nice afterwards but sonofabitch it hurts. A one time experience.

Jazzmaster said...

Reminds me of the days when I had to use eye drops frequently because... Ummm... Well, you know... I liked the white part of mye eyes to be white and not red.


Ummm... OK?

Anyway, Clear Eyes burns like hell. But, damn... That stuff works! Gleaming white every time. Still glassy, yes... But white!

Fran said...

Oh, my! Your blog was recommended to me by a friend and OMG this is why. Could not stop laughing. Husband had to come into the room to make sure I'm okay. Thanks!!!

Mom O Matic said...

Jazz - Clear Eyes is good too! I need the hard core de-red-ifying!

Fran - Thanks, glad you came by. I love hearing that I made someone laugh!