Family Snapshot

I applied the "1960s" effect to the picture above with Picnik. This particular picture looked quite lovely in it's original state but I adore that I can make it look retro and cozy with Picnik.

If you don't already use Picnik to spruce up your photos you really should check it out. They'll charge you a very small fee (maybe $5 a month) to sign up for the full service. Full service includes the ability to whiten your teeth, apply blush, thin-ify yourself a bit and use cool effects like "1960" to make your family pictures look dreamy. Only drawback is you can't "thin-ify" if your already skinny family is in the shot with you. Otherwise you'll look great and they'll look like you keep a padlock on the fridge.

(Picnik didn't pay me for this link, just sharing a tool that I like to use with you all!)

Original photograph by Oliphia Photography of Brookfield.


Rhiannon said...

This. is. adorable.

areyoukiddingme said...

Great photo...but I prefer today's more vivid colors.

jen duncan said...

LOVE picnik. Have lost count of how many loved ones whose teeth I have kindly whitened for them. The one shot I have of me (use it as my FB avatar) I thinnified myself AND blended out my neck wrinkles. Went to visit an old friend (jr high) last weekend and when she greeted me at the door she said something like, "Oh my God you look normal! I was so afraid after seeing your photo on FB!" Guess I oughta change it? ;-)

Momomatic said...

Jen - Nah, keep it up! I was at a Pampered Chef party the other night with a bunch of preschool moms that I have known for years. We are used to seeing each other in pj's at drop off or stained Target tee shirts. So we couldn't stop freaking out at how hot everyone looked with makeup and actual outfits on.