Not Quite Parallel

Snippets from a phone conversation with my dearest friend Gwen, who lives "across the pond".

Her: So I just picked up the girls from this awesome mountain climbing expedition they did in Switzerland, they had a great time!

Me: That is awesome! I just picked up the kids from karate. Son accidentally throat kicked the instructor.
Her: I bought a great piece of fish at the fresh air market today. We are going to have salmon with the herbs I picked from the mountainside on my last 8 mile run tonight for dinner.

Me: Tony's frozen pizza's were on sale at Super Walmart. I got seven of them so I don't have to actually cook a real dinner for a week straight!
Her: I think I'm going to see if I can find something cute at a boutique in Paris when I go there next week with my husband!

Me:  I'm going to Kohls as soon as I find my coupon. The elastic in my underwear is shot. I almost had a moment with my daughter's teacher when I wore a skirt to the parent curriculum night.
Her: Hey, I've got to run, I'm taking the train to Berlin to do a photography weekend with a bunch of women from all over Europe.

Me: too. I've got to run too. I'm going to Target to buy glue sticks.

(awkward silence)

Me: Soooo..catch ya later?

Her: Yes. Hugs!

I still love her madly.


areyoukiddingme said...

Yeah, my friend (who, um, lives in the suburbs of Chicago) posted on FB that she was rolling in this morning around 5 am. I responded that I was getting up to work out at that time. People's lives are certainly different, aren't they?

(Also, all of Europe seems unclear on the concept of insulation, so you still win)

Momomatic said...

Areyou - With the exception of Las Vegas, if I was rolling in at 5am I would be crying with sleepy misery.

No contest though, she's awesome and I find the lack of parallel fun to joke about.

jazzmaster said...

Yeah... It's pretty damn hard to compare to Gwen's fab lifestyle... Especially since she's in *glamorous* Europe and we're stuck here in the United States of Consumerism.



Momomatic said...

Jazzmaster - Gwen is fab wherever she is but Europe is making her superfab. I feel it my duty to bring her down to Americun earth whenever possible.

jen duncan said...

Keepin' it real, Tanya.

Momomatic said...

Jen - Always!