Shake'n It With Sesame Street

I'm just gonna fess up, I like Kate Perry. She's cute and retro and she has great boobs. And I think she sings too. I'm not sure what the original air date for Hot and Cold on Sesame Street was but I'm confident that a lot of dads confused their kids when they kicked them out of the room so they could watch this very special Elmo alone

Update: Sesame Street yanked Kate Perry's video (below) off the air because it was too spicy for some parents. 

Fiest also did an adorable rendition of for Sesame Street. You can't help but feel happy after watching this one.

But if your child is more blues and less a little Norah Jones and Elmo and your wee one will be weeping "Y? Y?"  into their juice boxes while they shake a chicken nugget in their tiny fists at you.

But my favorite Sesame Street Celebrity Singer? Why Johnny Cash of course. Singing about the bully Nasty Dan. Plus you really haven't done your job as a parent till you've taught your kids some good Johnny Cash lyrics. I'm pretty sure I read that in Dr. Spock.

Rock on Sesame Street. Rock on.


areyoukiddingme said...

I like to watch these - my daughter is not as interested. But I can probably get her to watch the Katy Perry video - she likes California Gurls...

Jenny said...

These are all great and quite entertaining, even for adults, I think.

I'm a great Johnny Cash fan and have been since a young child when I insisted we never miss his weekly television show. (And now I am telling my age.)

You're right. All kids need to know some lyrics by the Man in Black. He rocked.

Chris said...

of course the boy monster doesn't want to play dress up if there is nothing to blow up or kill. What are you thinking Katy?
Pretty good rendering, I'll have to show both my daughter and son.

Jenny said...

We were discussing the Katy Perry video last night, and my husband informed me that Sesame Street has decided to pull her video. The video was "accidentally" leaked this week, and Sesame Street has received a multitude of complaints over the way KP is dressed in the video (cleavage). Here's an article:

LSL said...

My favorite all-time guest spot is when the Goo Goo Dolls appeared. Can you even get this version out of your head after watching it? I like it better than the original :)