Why Lucy and Ricky Had Separate Beds.

Husband is breathing in the slow, rhythmic way that tells me he will soon be asleep. I'm safe and spooned up next to him, my brain reviewing the day and thinking deep thoughts.
Me: Hey, you asleep?

Him: Mmm, what, what's wrong?

Me: I was thinking about something and I wanted to talk to you about it.
Him: (Sitting up, rubbing eyes to shake off the sleep) What's going on?
Me: I feel.....that I can confidently say.....that if I never ate a raisin again I could be OK with that.

Him: What?!

Me: Seriously. I think it was the diaper raisins that did it. Once you've seen those babies come out the other end of your child looking exactly as they did when they went in the other side, you're pretty much off that particular food stuff. Now, I think I could manage to eat them in a cookie if I was hard pressed, but for the most part I'm done. I am done with raisins.


Him: Can I go back to sleep now? Or did you have another fruit manifesto that you would like to share?

Me: No that's it. Though we could debate corn, that's another sticky wicket of "same in, same out" foodstuff to maybe avoid.
Him: Goodnight!
Next night...there was a raisin on my pillow at bedtime.


areyoukiddingme said...

There's one of you in every relationship, isn't there? Sleep is sacred! Bed is for sleeping, not for talking! I'm going to send you some raisins too. Or maybe I'll just send you my husband so you can have deep philosophical discussions at bedtime.

Joanna said...

I do the same thing! I always want to talk when we go to bed, and it drives my husband crazy. It's the only time it's easy to get his full attention though.

Momomatic said...

Areyou - It's true. We marrieds are usually the opposite enough to keep the other partner intrigued and yet slightly annoyed at all times.

Joanna - Chat on my friend. Chat on.

SarahLynn said...

At least you know he was listening.

Fran said...

Your husband is a riot!

Mom O Matic said...

Sarah - True, though why he is still listening to me I'll never know.

Fran - Thanks! He's got a quiet, dry humor.