Flooding, Crafting, Get back in the basement!

Due to some Noah's Ark, Al Gore's Global Warming type flooding, our basement office and playroom has been out of commission for more than a year. It flooded, we redid it. It flooded, we redid it. It flooded, aaargh! But bit by bit, paycheck by paycheck we've waterproofed it. Then sat yoga style on the floor staring at the walls every time it rained making sure we had filled every crack sufficiently. So far so good...Though the super powered ejector pit pump our plumber installed shoots the water into the backyard with insane force. And it will do it randomly, days after the rain. So you could be standing around BBQ'ing in our backyard and then get fire hosed out of nowhere. It's sort of amusing really. Like our plumbing has all the self control of a teenage boy.

But now husband is at last painting and getting ready to put a floor in. Joy! We're starting with our office my craft room. Which means I'll have a permanent place to make my jewelry in again! Right now I'm keeping everything under our bed and I have to belly crawl to pull out my beads. And son steals my headpins to use as tiny light sabers for his Star Wars Lego men.

I'll also be dusting off my sewing machine soon and I'm feeling a little giddy about that. I am going to pull out a quilt top I started last fall, and make some more of those really easy and cool fabric coasters for gifts. And I'm absolutely going to purchase Hillary Lang's new book, Wee Wondefuls: 24 Dolls To Sew and Love! God I hope I remember how to sew, it's been so long. I'm pretty sure it involves squinting, rethreading the machine a few dozen times and cursing a lot.

And once the office is put back together we tackle...the playroom. Which I'm trying not to even think about it's too painfully pleasurable. Toys have been stuffed in every corner of our teeny house since we lost this room. And I've been denied that VC Andrews, Flowers In The Attic style of parenting where you can banish your children to an unseen part of your house for days hours. Ah bliss. But for now...the craft room is weeks away and I'm tingly with craftiness waiting for it!


areyoukiddingme said...

I can't wait for the day when my daughter will be willingly banished to another part of the house...

Congratulations on regaining your space!

(I would love to see the fire-hosing - that sounds hilarious)

Mom O Matic said...

Areyou - Oh I can't wait! Plus it actually smells good down here again with the fresh paint everywhere and replaced drywall and studs.

When you can banish your kids...install the baby monitor somewhere sneaky in the playroom. Sweet way to eavesdrop & make sure they are ok while you are upstairs doing your thing.

Miss Jess said...

I'm Domestically Disabled hense why my profile pic has the appropriate picture. I would love nothing more then to know how to sew, cook, you know "Womenly" duties. My boss recently got back from Europe and bought me this adorable little portable sew kit. I opened it up and was like "Uhhh, I dont know how to sew, but it's cute." Boss looks at me like I'm an idiot and says "Didn't your mother teach you how to sew when you were younger?" FAIL. If I lived closer, I may be asking you to teach me these domestic duties.

P.S. Those dolls are adorable!

nikki said...

I understand totally about the craft room. For 5 years my craft area was the end of our dining room table. And everything had to be put away at the end of the day. When we moved 3 years ago my one request was to have a corner of the basement for me and me alone.