Nobody Puts Santa In The Corner

Santa? Do you want to talk about it?

No? Do you want to explain why the reindeer are hugging each other and talking about forming a support group while the elves nurse their eggnog hangovers?

Well, no more will be said then. But someone needs to help Mrs. Claus. She fell asleep in the workshop after building a fortress of battery operated rocket ships around her and declaring that you could bake your own damn cookies from here on out.
Aw, Santa.
Huddling Santa was found in MemoriMakers Etsy shop.

Spooky Santa!

Why it's best not to stay awake waiting for Santa...

Uh, St. Lucifer?

Found on ebay in The Hot Attic's shop. Who notes, "It has an on/off switch on the butt"....if you dare!

Scary Santa

This is not the Santa you want coming down your chimney in the middle of the night.
And if he's safe to assume you've been very, very bad this year.

Vintage card found in Lulubecs Etsy shop.

Naked Santa

I found Naked Santa in TracieNicole's Etsy shop. All the pictures were taken by her and not cropped or edited by me at'tall!

Angry Santa

Every year about this time I start rolling through the pages of Etsy and Ebay looking for vintage Christmas decor. And I've found some golden scores, like a cardboard fireplace with flicker flame logs that we'll be setting up this year..swoon.

But I also find some very strange and curious vintage Santas during my hunt. And when people make a listing for Etsy or Ebay they tend to take multiple photos from different angles. So these strange Santa photo shoots end up looking like a storyboard that I can't resist narrating. Like I did for the Stoner Santas, and In Yo Face Santa for example.

Well I found a few more odd Santa's this year and I'm going to roll them out this week for fun. Starting  with...Angry Santa, who I found in the vintage section of Etsy in Nubb's shop.

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