Antique Spoon Markers

This past holiday I ordered several fantastic garden markers from a shop called Monkey's Always Look on Etsy. The artist, Allison Cecil does a great job with custom orders too. So if you have a special phrase, thought or family name you would like her to hammer into the spoons she will do that for you. I even ordered a few extra large serving spoons so I could fit longer song lyrics onto them.

I love her shop and hope you will take a peek. I think giving these markers to someone tucked into a potted herb is a great gift and I love seeing antique spoons getting a second life!


allson cecil said...

Thank you for the sweet write up! I'm so glad you love your markers!

Nikki said...

That is really effing cute.

Mom O Matic said...

Allison - You are welcome, love your jewelry too by the way!

Nikki - I know!