I'm Rick James Bitch!

Domino's Pizza has these new and incredibly annoying commercials. They confuse me too much to adequately explain them so I'll just quote a friend, "Domino's stop tricking people. I get that you needed some new ads, but if you drive me to the middle of nowhere to show me tomatoes I will kick you in the balls."

Now what Domino's should be doing is hiring employees like this one to make their ads. I know I would totally want a pizza with an explanation of pi written on it.

(click to enlarge)

PS - I strongly disagree with "Nature Of Incident" being performance. I think that sounded like a hell of an awesome performance!


Miss Jess said...

Omg... only in America!

areyoukiddingme said...

Dude...now I know how I want to go out! That's totally how I'm spending my last day at work (after I file my retirement papers, that is...)

Stitch said...

where on earth did you FIND that?

Mom O Matic said...

Miss Jess - Makes you love our country!

Areyou - Totally.

Stitch - If I told you I would have to keeel you.

Jayme Amber said...

I think it's remarkable that he knew the numbers of Pi to the 46th digit. Clearly this fellow is a genius.