Last Minute Free Valentines!

These printable valentines are cuter than what's at Walgreens at 4pm on Feb 13th I guarantee ya! Grab some card stock and crayons and make these tonight if valentines are still on your to-do list or if you find yourself running a few cards short.

The Animated Woman's super clever Lil' Valentines! She has both a color and a black and white (so your kids can color them in) version on her website.

Adorable woodland Valentines with printable envelopes by Inktreeprintables.
The Stir has a fantastic collection of even more free valentines cards and cupcake decorations to check out. My favorite Stir pick are these gorgeous grownup love notes by Amy Rice

Happy Valentines!


areyoukiddingme said...

My MIL gave my daughter some Shrek valentines...One of them says something like Hope Your Valentine's Day has a Happy Ending. I couldn't stop laughing and I put them back in the box.

Magpie said...

These are sweet - love the Amy Rice ones.

Mom O Matic said...

Magpie - Me too! Thanks!

Areyou - Put it back! Why didn't you frame that gorgeous thing?

The Animated Woman. said...

Ha! areyoukiddingme that's amazing that nobody caught that. The copy writers must've had a good laugh.

Tanya thanks for posting my Lil' Valentines here. You are awesome as always and I love hanging out here.

Mom O Matic said...

You got it JC - they were adorable as your work always is!