Whose Turn Is It This Month?

So I sell handmade jewelry. And my friends sell Gigi Hill bags, Pampered Chef kitchen gadgets, Tastefully Simple dip mixes, Avon makeup, Lia Sophia jewelry and even Passion Party sex gear. Yet another friend hosts spa parties where her spa technician friends come to give massages and manicures to all of us for a fair price.

So I've come to the conclusion that while we all feel we are earning money with these ventures, the reality is that we are all just taking turns holding the money. There is only one pot of gold and we are just passing it back and forth between each other at these parties every month.You buy some earrings, I turn around and buy your spices.

But it's ok, because this concept of coming together to hawk goods is sort of like the days of old when people traded what they had with each other to survive. We're recreating a village marketplace. Only there are bottles of wine, mimosas and cheese trays this time around.


areyoukiddingme said...

That's why I never get invited anywhere...I never buy anything!

Care Morency said...

It was great to see you at Hammer on Friday. I actually have started selling Premier Designs jewelry, and I have thought the same thing: are we just all subsidizing each other? But then again, it does provide a different experience than going to the mall, where it is highly likely you won't find what you want (or they have to send it from Fox Valley, if the Fox Valley store really has it, which it probably won't because the inventory is not real time...)

Anyway, love the pic.

Mom O Matic said...

Areyou - That's nuts. I'm happy when people show because I'm always sweating it out that nobody will show. Just being present is always a gift to the hostess I think.

Care - You too, thank you so much for coming out! Your comment made me laugh!