Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason

Awhile back I was talking about how awesome Mike Sack's book Our Bodies Our Junk was. The book that parodied the Our Bodies Ourselves manual that every self respecting liberal mother traumatized her child with back in the late 1970's/early 1980's.

Well Mike was nice enough to send me an advance copy of his upcoming book Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason and asked if I wouldn't mind talking about it if I liked it. Well I liked it, a lot.

A few of my favorite highlights...

* He lists all the things someone might want to know prior to making love to him, opening with my favorite line in the whole book
"First of all, welcome. Thank you for coming over. I’d appreciate it if you did not turn off the metronome, it’s there for a purpose." (And via email Mike verified that he does indeed use a metronome when making love, set to "slow".)
* He writes a chapter from the perspective of a die hard Tweeter on Twitter updating followers through every moment of his wedding and wedding night.
 "Walking down aisle. Stopping. Family and friends waiting for me to finish update. Patience, people! And . . . done."
 "Making love now. Check out this amazing article on the guy who invented wonton soup"
 * He poses as an editor offering suggestions for Anne Frank's diary, helping her to revise it in order to make it more appealing to the masses.

I don't want to give away too much more. But the entire book conveys Mike's ability to poke fun of the absurdity of our lives in a way that is clever enough that we are left impressed and charming enough that we don't mind being mocked one bit. Witty, creative and recommended reading.


Miss Jess said...

I may need to pick this up. I need a good laugh.

On a different note, this kinda ties with the updating everyone on Twitter every moment of your wedding and wedding night. A co-worker of mine told his wife this morning via text message that he wants a divorce. Hmmm. I'm thinking he should probably update his Facebook relationship status to "It's Complicated" and maybe also write on his wife's wall his plans for Divorce. Sometimes social media communication can be a bit too much, no? Sad.

On a happier note, I love reading Makes me realize that my life isn't all that bad.

Mom O Matic said...

Miss Jess - It's a good one. If you ever need a book rec. let me know I can't get enough books so I'm usually good for it.

I will check out lamebook never heard of it