The Way The Internet Really Works At Our House

Husband: What are you looking at?
Wife: Porn.
Husband: You are buying shit online again aren't you?
Wife: It counts as porn if it gets me hot.
Husband: A new throw pillow gets you hot?
Me: Smok'n.

Wife: What are you looking at?
Wife: Since when does Amazon have nude threesomes?
Husband: Since you started buying throw pillows with abandon.
Wife: Carry on.


Amy Kate said...

Sweet tradeoff!
Are you like checking out

Mom O Matic said...


Gwen said...

Porn pillows are THE BEST.

Jenny said...

Successful relationships are all about the give and take, you know.

Mom O Matic said...

Gwen - It's true. They far out class the porn davenport.

Jenny - You said it sister.

areyoukiddingme said...

You mean doesn't have nude threesomes? I thought they had everything.

Dot and Lil said...

Ha! The two of you seem to have quite the system going there. :) If he watches more you get a couch?

Mom O Matic said...

areyou - If they did more people would click "buy it now!"

Dot - Ha, I wish it worked that way!