This Happened!

So Mom O Matic has been gone for a bit now, but I had to temporarily reopen the blog to boast that I am in Jenny's book selflessly promote Jenny Lawson's amazing new book! Her book is called, Let's Pretend This Never Happened and you should buy a big stack of copies because you'll want to give it out to everyone you know that needs a laugh, which is everyone.

To help you spot the book in stores I'm providing a screenshot of the cover and have helpfully marked where you can find mention of Lotta (p201) and my real name Tanya (Acknowledgements).*

*If you live in the western suburbs of Chicago or have access to a private plane I would be available to come over and show you the pages myself because I'm a giver.

It was pretty cool to see Lotta resurrected in print, and knowing Jenny (did I mention I know Jenny?) I was able to recognize that this resurrection means she equates me with Jesus so I think we can safely assume any references in the book about "Jesus" are me as well. And I want to let her know that no matter how famous I become from being in this book or healing the sick I will always have a place for her in my heart.

This is a picture from a themed dress up party and I don't normally wear a getup like this. Except for the lighter in the bra strap, cause that's just handy. Also, the marks on my neck are fake hickeys made with eyeshadow, cause everyone knows the real ones go on the inside of your upper arms, duh.

I'm pretty sure Jenny will become super famous and take me along for the ride and so you'll want to get your hands on a first edition as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading about me Jenny! Go buy the book!

Lotta XO


Magpie said...

i loved seeing you in her book. :)

Mom O Matic said...

Thanks Magpie!

KC said...

YAY! so cool! I may just have to request this for a graduation present!

JC Little said...

Wow! I can't decide what makes me happier, to see a momma tic bog post or know that I can now buy Jenny's book with a mention of you in it. By the way I now want to copy this look. Except for the hickeys, I prefer them on my inner thighs.

Mom O Matic said...

KC, It is so stinking funny!

JC, Who doesn't love a good inner thigh hickey? ;)

Neil said...

So the only way to get you to post is mention you in a book? Blogging crowd is tough!

The Nice Lady said...

That's awesome... I just wish that I'd realized that it was you when she was reading it out loud for us here in LA (I went to the book signing). It would have been even funnier!

(Miss your blog!)

Mom O Matic said...

Neil, that or cash.

Thenicelady, Thanks! Wish I had been to LA to hear it. I keep hoping Chicago ends up in the book tour add ons. She is brilliant.