Spicing Up Married Sex - Guest Post by Adam & Eve

This is a guest post by Ellis Lindsay for Adam & Eve. Ellis is a freelance writer who covers a variety of topics on romance, dating, and relationship advice. 

Things can get kind of routine when you've been married for awhile. The water spray on the bathroom mirror, the funky morning breath, the Mexican restaurant every third Thursday of the month, the 4-o-clock-kids-mini-van-soccer-pick-up-time, and even the late Friday night sex routine. But that's also what makes marriage awesome. It's life; it's your life and you wouldn't want anything else--BUT let's be real. Sex was a whole lot more fun way back when, right? You didn't have to rush, schedule, be quiet or think about semantics. It was just a here, now, throw down, show down kind of thing, amiright!?

No, you may not be able to get away with doing the nasty in the back seat of your car any more and you can't just get away for a weekend of nakedness, but you can make things fun again. And that's what sex is really all about, anyway... having fun, enjoying each other and rocking each others socks off. Try using some of these fun-inducing ideas if your sex life has gone from Samantha Jones (Sex and the City) to Charlotte York.

Get into Character--this is can be a fun way to make things feel new and even like you're sleeping with someone new, which may not be something you truly want, but is very exciting. For this, try role playing in bed with different characters or scenarios. Have fun with it by dressing up, putting on an accent and jumping into the role. Do your best to stay in the role the entire time.

Get unbored with board games--You know those cutesy adult board games you can get at sex stores like Adam and Eve? Some of them are kind of cheesy and others can be a fun way to introduce new positions, acts and moves. Make a night of it. Stay in with some wine and bust out the games. Don't want to spend any money on games? Just play strip poker instead. Learn how to play here.

Throw sex out the window--You know when you go on a diet and say, "I'm not going to eat chocolate anymore!" and then all you can think about is chocolate. It's like this cruel trick you play on your brain. The fun thing is, you can also do it with sex (so forget about giving up the chocolate--that's just blasphemous). Make a pact with the hubster that you're both going to give up sex for a week-two weeks-whatever really seems like a long time for the two of you. You're only allowed to kiss and maybe go to second base if you're scandalous. It will be frustrating (in a good way) at times and leave you both dieing to dive into each other.

Swing around--No, I don't mean as a couple, unless you want to cause that can be fun, too, but I'm actually referring to getting a sex swing. A sex swing can be a super easy way to make sex amazingly fun again. Sex swings not only allow you to swing to orgasm, but also get you into various positions that are usually uncomfortable or unsuccessful on a bed. Hook it up to the ceiling or have it free-standing, either way, you won't regret it.

Seduction Junction--Remember how sexy you felt when you used to get picked up in bars when you were single? It was awesome, right? Well, there's no reason you can't still live it up today, now you can just do it with your husband. Pick a night, get dressed up and both head out to a bar or restaurant. Sit apart from each other and order a drink. Hang out by yourself for 10-20 minutes, but occasionally make eyes at your partner. Have him come over when your drink starts to run dry and chat it up. Act like you don't even know each other. Order another round of drinks and pull out your best seductive moves. Then have him pick up the bill, leave with him and go home and have the best fake one-night stand ever.

What do you do to keep things fun in your bedroom?